A spa treatment in your car?

Forget fabulously designed spa treatment rooms. There are days when my subway car requires some serious aromatherapy. (Soaring summer temperatures, festering puddles the size of kiddy pools on the platforms, and train cars packed with sweaty New Yorkers can test your olfactory limits more quickly than the blue cheese selection at Whole Foods.) Capitalizing on the way the rest of the country gets to work, and the limited amount of time women have to themselves, is Car-Ma. The company has created an aromatherapy equivalent of a Glade PlugIn for the car, only with mellowing lavender pebbles, rejuvenating eucalyptus mists, or vanilla discs that sit in a cupholder, rather than in the able hands of a skilled spa therapist.

I suppose a room of one’s own for many women is now a Toyota Prius, the commute providing the only personal space between home and work. So I can see how this product would appeal. I just wish I liked the ingredients used in it, which stray from the pure essentials oils and hydrosol distillations that aromatherapists craft. They’re more cloying than a Bath & Body Works store but less sneeze-inducing than a taxicab’s scented rearview-mirror pine tree. But even if the execution isn’t well done, the idea is an excellent one. Someone should strike a deal with the city to pipe aromatherapy into the subway system. I vote for rosemary mint.


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One response to “A spa treatment in your car?

  1. DotingDad

    Aroma therapy in the car…but only for women? What about a nice Sandlewood or Patchuli blend, or some nice mix of grass and juniper for an outdoors, fresh feel?
    This is a grand idea. Sort of like scratch and sniff without the activity.
    And about the subway…what about the general street garbage stench that apparently accompanies most large cities, not just the Apple.

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