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The Spa Treatment has moved to SpaFinder Lifestyle!


SpaFinder Lifestyle, a new online magazine at—that I’m heading up—just launched this week!

So The Spa Treatment has a new home there, alongside the savvy articles on spa escapes, beauty, and well-being, and very cool interactive tools like the Massage Matrix, which tells you which type of massage is right for you. Here’s a peek:

Use the Massage Matrix to learn about a dozen types of massage—and discover the one right for you

Use the Massage Matrix to learn about a dozen types of massage—and discover the one right for you

To keep reading my blog on the latest spa beauty products, spa treatments, deals, and news, please visit me at SpaFinder Lifestyle and The Spa Treatment.


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The best spa deal ever!

I took this photo the treehouse spa treatment/private dining room on St. Lucia, when I visited Discovery at Marigot Bay last year.

I snapped this photo of the tree-house spa treatment room and a spa therapist on my trip to the Lapli Spa at Discovery at Marigot Bay last year.

One small curse of writing for a luxury spa magazine over the past four-plus years is that I can name a zillion fabulous spas that cost a bundle to visit and about four that don’t. So, it makes me incredibly happy to share with you what is truly the best deal EVER — but you must act now. Well, WEDNESDAY morning at 8:00 a.m. sharp.

That’s when the Leading Hotels of the World—which has some super solid spas that I’ve personally vetted, such as Discovery at Marigot Bay on St. Lucia and The Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, California—offers a “limited number of the world’s most-coveted hotel rooms” for just $19.28 per night, in U.S. dollars. (This means a stay of three nights is cheaper than cab fare to JFK.) The super-deal is thanks to the Leading Hotels 80th’s anniversary.

The window of opportunity is just 80 minutes long, so I advise doing your homework tonight. I know I will be. Banyan Tree Bangkok, here I come! For details, visit

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Bringing the massage to Mohammed

Globetrotting spa therapists

A new era of globe-trotting spa therapists

It’s plausible that experts in far-flung treatments from all corners of the planet will be visiting a spa near you, thanks to a new trend of spa therapists spending “a semester abroad.”

Given all the fabulous spas that are a $1,000 plane ticket away—and that I can’t get an authentic lomi lomi massage on the East Coast (I’ll pass on the knock-offs, thank you very much)—it’s a development I really appreciate, since it potentially brings the skilled practitioners to me.

Some examples: In mid September, Chiva Som, Thailand’s top destination spa, dispatches three therapists experienced in meditation and meridian tapping for Gwinganna, a new destination spa on Australia’s Gold Coast that’s getting great reviews for its progressive programming. This spring, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon brought its unique geothermal seawater treatments to Cornelia Day Resort in New York City, and in October, the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong will host two therapists steeped in traditional Thai therapies from the resort spas at the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

Expertise and authenticity are two big benefits for spa-goers—and I appreciate the host spas that aren’t willing to fake it. (I mean, I know Gordon Ramsey can cook but I wouldn’t have him make my sushi.) And since it’s so-often specialists that draw me to a spa, I can’t wait to see more spas sending their therapists packing for places where their craft is hard to come by. Can I recommend a spa close to me?

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At spa summer camp, kids check Gameboys at the door

For a handful of kids, summer camp starts this week at the spa. Only they’re not getting Ice Cream Pedicures, as the WSJ suggests. Instead, from July 12 through July 25, Generation X-Box is attending one of the country’s best weight-loss programs during Family Week at Pritikin Longevity Center Center & Spa, in Aventura, Florida. Pritikin, if you’re not familiar, is the spa Michael Moore made semi-famous and where guests learn to reform their eating habits, lower their blood pressure, kick diabetes meds, and have their accomplishments published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The one- or two-week-long camp, now in its sixth summer, began when Pritikin physicians, many with kids of their own, witnessed just how difficult it is for children to eat healthfully and stay physically active, says medical director Danine Fruge, MD. “Fast food restaurants are everywhere, and gym class is no longer on every school curriculum.” And then, of course, there’s the epidemic rate of obesity in American children. Continue reading

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Guerlain Puts Product into Practice, Almost Perfectly

Guerlain Spa, The Regent Bal Harbour

My respect for Guerlain stems from a story I did on Orchidée Impériale, their gorgeously packaged $350 skin-care cream, whose anti-aging essence is derived from the roots of orchids. Because every single day a company tells me a story about their magical youth-preserving ingredient, I was expecting to get another. But instead I was wowed by the time spent on sensible science. (Seven years; two just on the orchid molecule-skin connection.) And by Guerlain’s nonchalance at surrounding itself with experts to get the job done right (including Philippe Lecoufle, a fourth-generation orchid specialist). The investment of time and expertise (Spa Chakra, as consultants, and The Regent, a top international hotel brand) is very present in their new Bal Harbour spa, which is why I predict Guerlain will become known as leading spa brand — not just a fragrance brand, turned skin-care brand, turned spa brand. Continue reading


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Sunscreen Loophole Causes Personal Suitcase-Packing Panic

Baggie causes sunscreen suffering

It would be really easy to devote my blog entirely to sunscreens, and this month, it might look like I have. Here’s just one reason why: A few nights ago, when I was trying to make the products in my medicine cabinet, makeup bag, and shower caddy fit into a sandwich baggie for a research trip (to the country’s first Guerlain Spa at The Regent Bal Harbour—but more on this soon), I had to make a Survivor Island choice among my sunscreens. Which one would get to go spa-ing?

My daily moisturizer-Mexoryl combo with SPF 15? My cosmetically elegant, lavender-scented sunscreen with SPF 30? My shield of armor in a tube (AKA zinc oxide)? Continue reading


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