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The Spa Treatment has moved to SpaFinder Lifestyle!


SpaFinder Lifestyle, a new online magazine at—that I’m heading up—just launched this week!

So The Spa Treatment has a new home there, alongside the savvy articles on spa escapes, beauty, and well-being, and very cool interactive tools like the Massage Matrix, which tells you which type of massage is right for you. Here’s a peek:

Use the Massage Matrix to learn about a dozen types of massage—and discover the one right for you

Use the Massage Matrix to learn about a dozen types of massage—and discover the one right for you

To keep reading my blog on the latest spa beauty products, spa treatments, deals, and news, please visit me at SpaFinder Lifestyle and The Spa Treatment.


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Bringing the massage to Mohammed

Globetrotting spa therapists

A new era of globe-trotting spa therapists

It’s plausible that experts in far-flung treatments from all corners of the planet will be visiting a spa near you, thanks to a new trend of spa therapists spending “a semester abroad.”

Given all the fabulous spas that are a $1,000 plane ticket away—and that I can’t get an authentic lomi lomi massage on the East Coast (I’ll pass on the knock-offs, thank you very much)—it’s a development I really appreciate, since it potentially brings the skilled practitioners to me.

Some examples: In mid September, Chiva Som, Thailand’s top destination spa, dispatches three therapists experienced in meditation and meridian tapping for Gwinganna, a new destination spa on Australia’s Gold Coast that’s getting great reviews for its progressive programming. This spring, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon brought its unique geothermal seawater treatments to Cornelia Day Resort in New York City, and in October, the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong will host two therapists steeped in traditional Thai therapies from the resort spas at the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

Expertise and authenticity are two big benefits for spa-goers—and I appreciate the host spas that aren’t willing to fake it. (I mean, I know Gordon Ramsey can cook but I wouldn’t have him make my sushi.) And since it’s so-often specialists that draw me to a spa, I can’t wait to see more spas sending their therapists packing for places where their craft is hard to come by. Can I recommend a spa close to me?

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Famed facialist Cornelia Zicu resurfaces at Red Door. But will she “resurface” it?

Fifth Avenue's newly renovated Red Door

Fifth Avenue

There it was in WWD—facialist Cornelia Zicu has returned to the spa scene in a new senior management role at Red Door. That’s some big news, which looks to be part of the part of the brand’s modern makeover (Fifth Avenue flagship, included).

It must be fate. Just yesterday I was investigating the new Lumina Facial at her former stopping grounds, the luxurious Cornelia Day Resort. It uses the spa’s new Jewelry for Skin line that contains crushed crystals and gems. (Favorite products: Emerald Eye Crème and Citrine Lip Plumper). Giving my radiance-boosting treatment was Alicia Villanova, whose youth belies her skill—though her absolutely gorgeous skin should have been a tip off. Turns out Villanova is a protégée of Zicu, the Romanian refugee turned New York City skin-care icon, who parted ways with the spa in January 2007, and had previously made a name for herself at the Peninsula Spa in New York.

Cornelia may have left the building, but her legacy lives on at the Day Resort in facialists like Villanova. Continue reading


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We’ve crossed the final spa frontier, Times’ reports

If “Sex in the City” were still on the air, we would have had some warning. Maybe an episode involving Samantha taking Charlotte to Kegel classes at the local pelvic fitness center. “But it’s embarrassing,” says Charlotte. “Shut up and clench,” replies Samantha, as she renews her unlimited monthly class card to Pelvic Pilates.

Instead, the debut later this month of Phit, a New York City spa run by gynecologist Lauri Romanzi, MD, comes as a bit of shock, dedicated as it is to “strengthening and grooming a woman’s genital area,” reports Natasha Singer, who covered the spa for the Times. Gee, and I’ve spent all this time and money on facials. Continue reading

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Guerlain Puts Product into Practice, Almost Perfectly

Guerlain Spa, The Regent Bal Harbour

My respect for Guerlain stems from a story I did on Orchidée Impériale, their gorgeously packaged $350 skin-care cream, whose anti-aging essence is derived from the roots of orchids. Because every single day a company tells me a story about their magical youth-preserving ingredient, I was expecting to get another. But instead I was wowed by the time spent on sensible science. (Seven years; two just on the orchid molecule-skin connection.) And by Guerlain’s nonchalance at surrounding itself with experts to get the job done right (including Philippe Lecoufle, a fourth-generation orchid specialist). The investment of time and expertise (Spa Chakra, as consultants, and The Regent, a top international hotel brand) is very present in their new Bal Harbour spa, which is why I predict Guerlain will become known as leading spa brand — not just a fragrance brand, turned skin-care brand, turned spa brand. Continue reading


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